Carbonic Crowdfund

Visit Portal STEP 1: Visit the Carbonic LLC crowdfund Please know that we have invited you to this page to investigate this Carbonic LLC crowdfunding campaign spread the word about a “Pig Manure to Plastic” campaign. Please share this page with anyone you know who might appreciate the education opportunity concerning sinking carbon into… Continue reading Carbonic Crowdfund


Welcome Carbonic LLC Interns We must extend a welcome to our two newest interns positions for investing their time in #CarbonicLLC teams, projects, and tasks. #GISteam position #GIS01 seeks an intern. Meanwhile we await the arrival of other #GISteam members. #CHEMteam position #CHEM01 is immediately available. #CHEMteam members #ThisPage

Carbon Sequestration Workflows

Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP) © 2018 Lyno Sullivan Carbon sequestration is important. This document proposes a Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP) that alters traditional carbon flow systems. This drawing depicts an alternative carbon routing solution. CSP is a safe way to extract carbon from sewage. It can be done in such a way that pathogen free… Continue reading Carbon Sequestration Workflows

A Simple Carbon Sequestration Vision

© 2019 Lyno Sullivan “There is an island of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean.” [CGS-US_Navy_110315-N-IC111-592_-_Tsunami_damage_of_Rikuzentakata] Shoreline tsunami devastation produces tons of floating garbage. That’s a lot of carbon locked up in that floating island of garbage. Carbon sequestration is important. This document explores the vision behind a Carbon Sequestration Process based upon a Carbon… Continue reading A Simple Carbon Sequestration Vision

Pig Farms for 200 Pigs

By Lyno Sullivan, Carbonic LLC CEO,Tuesday April 27, 2021 Introducing The Pig Farm Owner Gayle is a cousin of mine. I visited his family farmstead a few years back as a starting point for my personal enlightenment. The initial marketing strategy for Carbonic Live is to reach out to pig farmers for information, contacts, and… Continue reading Pig Farms for 200 Pigs


!elonmusk @elonmusk I would like to sell you #carbonsequestration for $1 per pound. Are you willing to buy any. Please retweet because needs the traffic. #elonmusk This post @elonmusk is intended to draw Elon Musk’s attention to this website as a roadmap to #carbonsequestration through utilization of a #carbongasificationsolution #CGS allowing to sell… Continue reading @ElonMusk