Family Archive Project Needs Helper Time On a Family Archive Project Project Location: Woodbury, MN, USA 55125 Please email your proposal to of Woodbury, Minnesota, 55125. Be sure to use an email address that will work for you for the long-term. In the email title please use “Lyno Archive Help: <your help proposal title>”. Please keep… Continue reading Family Archive Project

Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP)

© 2018 Lyno Sullivan CSP is a safe way to extract carbon from sewage. It can be done in such a way that pathogen free water is produced and may then be used again. The CSP uses a carbon gasification system, a CGS, which converts agricultural waste, waste in general, garbage, plastic, oil, coal, and… Continue reading Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP)

Carbon Sequestration Vision

A Simple Carbon Sequestration Vision © 2019, 2021 Lyno Sullivan This page is See also CCX1550 (C0101 CGS done one-pager Carbon Gasification Sequestration Solution) “There is an island of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean.” [CGS-US_Navy_110315-N-IC111-592_-_Tsunami_damage_of_Rikuzentakata] Shoreline tsunami devastation produces tons of floating garbage. That’s a lot of carbon locked up in that… Continue reading Carbon Sequestration Vision