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2021 MN Cup Semifinalist Video

2021 MN Cup Semifinalist Video

Carbon Sequestration Fertilizer Housing Manure Pig Manure Pigs Plastic Output sequestration

Carbonic LLC Video

This video is the Carbonic LLC submission for round 2 of the Energy/Cleantech/Water track of the Carlson School of Management, 2021 Minnesota Cup Competition.

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Carbon Sequestration Workflows

Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP)

© 2018 Lyno Sullivan

Carbon sequestration is important. This document proposes a Carbon Sequestration Process (CSP) that alters traditional carbon flow systems. This drawing depicts an alternative carbon routing solution.

CSP is a safe way to extract carbon from sewage. It can be done in such a way that pathogen free water is produced and may then be used again.

The CSP uses a carbon gasification system, a CGS, which converts agricultural waste, waste in general, garbage, plastic, oil, coal, and tar into methane (CH4). Most of these carbonaceous materials reduce into methane (CH4). The ash by-product makes great cement.

The CSP uses methanogen bacteria to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into methane. The methane can be used to produce gas fuel, liquid fuel, plastic, and with the addition of nitrogen, fertilizer can be produced. The plastic can be formed into shaped bricks usable for construction purposes. Use CGS ash cement, plastic bricks, and glue to build housing.

What can be done with an island of floating garbage? We might construct a trawler that hoists the garbage into a carbon gasification system (CGS) ship which produces methane used in the propulsion and electrical generation engines.

@elonmusk Carbon Carbon Sequestration CGS Housing Plastic Bricks Plastic Output Process sequestration

A Simple Carbon Sequestration Vision

© 2019 Lyno Sullivan

“There is an island of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean.”


Shoreline tsunami devastation produces tons of floating garbage. That’s a lot of carbon locked up in that floating island of garbage. Carbon sequestration is important. This document explores the vision behind a Carbon Sequestration Process based upon a Carbon Gasification System (CGS) that alters traditional carbon flow systems.

Up until now plastic recycling has been a challenge. Every day approximately 1,369 tons of Styrofoam is buried in U.S. landfills. That’s upwards of a million cubic feet per day.

The total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2015 was 262.4 million tons (U.S. short tons, unless specified), or about 4.48 pounds per person daily. This is an increase from the 259 million tons generated in 2014 and the 208.3 million tons in 1990. There is a lot of carbon in all that garbage. Much of it is accessible through a carbon gasification system.

[CGS Carbon Sequestration Process]

Methane can be used to produce gas fuel, liquid fuel, plastic, and with the addition of nitrogen, fertilizer can be produced. The plastic can be formed into shaped plastic bricks usable for construction purposes. CGS ash based cement along with plastic bricks and glue can be used as construction materials for housing. Bricks formed in this process can be shaped into plastic interlocking bricks. This may be the best sequestration method yet devised.

What can be done to clean up an island of floating garbage? We might use a trawler with a crane on board that hoists the garbage onto a carbon gasification system (CGS) equipped ship. The resultant fuel produced by the process can then be used in the propulsion of the ships and electrical generation engines using DME.

“Convert islands of floating garbage into islands of affordable housing. Lots of sun for gardens to feed the residents. Sun for electricity.”


Floating island hotels can be built from carbon fiber reinforced plastic hulls which, with enough ballast, could float through a typhoon. Hotel guests will pay well for accommodations on such a large floating island. The workers living on the island can earn a good living, selling to tourists from their kitchen, native gift shop, spa, etc., limited only by their imagination with visions of a “life well lived”.

[Carbon Sequestration #2 Vision LLS]

This post contains an ‘Elon Musk @elonmusk class’ vision for his consideration for the prize for the best Carbon Sequestration solution on earth.

Carbon Carbon Gasification Solution Carbon Sequestration Manure Pig Manure Pigs Plastic Bricks Plastic Input Plastic Output sequestration

Pig Farms for 200 Pigs

By Lyno Sullivan, Carbonic LLC CEO,
Tuesday April 27, 2021

Introducing The Pig Farm Owner

Gayle is a cousin of mine. I visited his family farmstead a few years back as a starting point for my personal enlightenment. The initial marketing strategy for Carbonic Live is to reach out to pig farmers for information, contacts, and potential customers. My ultimate goal for this research is to see who would consider purchasing a $500,000 C2HDPE carbon sequestration product being sold by Carbonic LLC of Woodbury, Minnesota.

“Pig Manure into Plastic”

The simple story taught by Lyno to Carbonic Live students.

Since Carbonic Live needs pig manure, it makes sense to reach out to potential customers whose business is raising and selling pigs. I contacted my cousin Gayle and we had a great conversation about raising pigs. Gayle says costs are up and income is down. “Barely making a living”, he said “I’m gonna go back to raising 6 hogs just for my own needs.”

Introducing the Main Character

As we continued to talk, I guided the conversation toward the business of raising pigs and the management of large amounts of pig manure. I asked him some questions and as he answered, I began to understand what it took to raise 200 pigs for market.

Let The Manure Lay Where Deposited

On my cousin’s farm, the majority of the manure drops on the ground as his pigs generally live outdoors in a fenced in pasture. This makes for a very fertile plot of land and not a big manure management problem. Gayle went on to explain that he kept his pigs out of the barn as much as possible while the piglets are young so they don’t bunch up and suffocate one another. While farrowing (birthing), a sow usually remains in the barn in a small pen. Gayle built heating systems to keep the piglets warm during time spent in the barn early on. The inherent danger for her little ones is when she lays down, and may accidentally lay on a newborn and kill it, or trap one in a corner so it cannot feed. Farmers lose some piglets this way, so to minimize this danger, Gayle kept the sows and piglets in the pasture soon after birth.

Straw Pig Nests

Anticipating my concern for the welfare of pigs sleeping outside on the ground, Gayle explained that he would haul round bales of hay into the pasture for the pigs to eat and bales of straw for pig comfort, where most interesting to me, they would use the straw to build nests. Pigs are natural nest builders. He said the pigs would climb into a nest formed from straw and hay much as a human would if sleeping in a hay bale. Whenever Gayle left a fresh round bale in the pasture, a new nest would be built soon thereafter. Gayle laughed when he explained how the pigs would climb out of a warm and cozy nest all shiny and clean. Pigs are very clean animals. They separate their manure production from their living space. Pigs are also very intelligent and can become protective of their humans, somewhat like dog behavior.

Pregnant Sows

Gestation: the period from when a sow is bred until farrowing, easily remembered as 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. Farrowing: giving birth to a litter of pigs. Farrowing stall: individual housing where a sow (mother pig) gives birth.

A short lactation length (12-14 days) holds pig health and performance benefits. But sow physiological limitations restrict lactation lengths to about 17 days for consistent breeding and reproduction performance.

Care of Pigs From Farrowing to Weaning

John C. Rea
Department of Animal Sciences

Excerpted from See Table 1 – Gestation based on 114-day gestation time.

The average gestation period for sows is 114 days. To prepare for farrowing, producers should know when sows are due. They also need a method to identify all sows. The gestation table says gestation is based on a 114-day gestation time) and is great for determining farrowing date, based on the date sows are bred. Once born, the most critical period in the life cycle of a pig is from birth to weaning. On the average, about two pigs per litter are lost during this period. Poor management is the major contributing factor.

Clemson University Table

The following table was used for the 5 tons of fresh manure calculated using a Minnesota standardized herd which is calculated from 3,000 farms in Minnesota of 1,000 pigs each producing manure at a rate of 10 pounds per day.

Back to Gayle’s 200 Pig Farm

Two pigs per litter is about 10% loss of meat sales and manure production. Raising pigs in pastures makes sense for a 200 pig farm containing 1 boar and 12 sows with litters of 15 surviving pigs each. It is good for Gayle that he has no pig manure problem except for the stink of pig manure emanating from the farm.

Some Nice Innovations

Gayle added some interesting innovations to his farm. Gayle used 55 gallon barrels with a doorway for the pig to go in and out and a chute for adding food and straw for a snug bed. He rigged up heat lamps in the barrels and some in the barn for nursing pigs.

Conversation Ends

It was quite interesting to converse with Gayle about pig farming done his way on a 200 pig farm. I learned a lot and dispelled some wrong information. If I can do this a few more times I will have gained valuable information, and some early adopters who will say YES to a $500,000 carbon sequestration solution for turning a stinky pig problem into an income goldmine from pig manure.

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@elonmusk I would like to sell you #carbonsequestration for $1 per pound. Are you willing to buy any. Please retweet because needs the traffic. #elonmusk

This post @elonmusk is intended to draw Elon Musk’s attention to this website as a roadmap to #carbonsequestration through utilization of a #carbongasificationsolution #CGS allowing to sell carbon sequestration for $1 per pound.

For 28 years, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has been delivering breathtaking views of the universe. Although the telescope has made more than 1.5 million observations of over 40,000 space objects, it is still uncovering stunning celestial gems. The latest offering is this image of the Lagoon Nebula to celebrate the telescope’s anniversary. Hubble shows this vast stellar nursery in stunning unprecedented detail. At the center of the photo, a monster young star 200,000 times brighter than our Sun is blasting powerful ultraviolet radiation and hurricane-like stellar winds, carving out a fantasy landscape of ridges, cavities, and mountains of gas and dust. This region epitomizes a typical, raucous stellar nursery full of birth and destruction.
Automata Step Gated Step Manual Step Step Branch Step Series Timed Step Workflow

Workflow Driven Life

Everybody can make sense of a workflow driven life. Some people are compulsive about workflow. Some use pencils and tear away lists. Some use notes, notes on the calendar, major appointments in the phone. Performing steps in the best cloud hosted workflow manager would sure solve a lot of problems. It would be like a dream come true.

The features discussed in this post are mostly theoretical in the sense of this post being a user story of workflows needed. This post promises nothing. It simply describes the expected software behavior and the accompanying data.

“It’s All Imaginary ‘Til It’s Real” — Lyno

By (c) 2021 Lyno Sullivan, Sunday, March 28 7AM

Up Until Now

So what’s it like to live a workflow driven life? It depends on who you are working with today.

First let’s observe our daily workflow cycle driven by tasks on our respective to-do lists. You will keep your task list in your tasks database on your cloud computer. I will keep my task list in my tasks database on my cloud computer. Our respective to-do applications running on our private cloud instances can talk with one another. This allows our individual task lists to coordinate our overall joint tasks and communication assignments.

The calendar of life. We said that performing steps in the best cloud hosted workflow manager would sure solve a lot of problems. We said that it would be a dream come true.

Catch The Dream

Imagine if you could have your own computer hardware in the cloud that you pay for only when you need it. When you are not using your hardware to flip your ones and zeros around, your computing hardware may have disappeared, depending on your configuration. You were running on bare metal and were paying for it. Now your running instance may be resting. Your persistent data is kept in your databases.

Understand The Major Players

An internet search result explains “Cloud computing: AWS is still the biggest player, but Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are growing fast. Microsoft Azure has slightly closed the gap comfortably maintained by Amazon Web Service (AWS).”

Go With the Leader

AWS is the Biggest Player in Cloud Computing.

Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon EC2 link: Check it out and be sure to investigate pricing. There are plenty of resellers.

Types of Storage

See AWS types of storage for your data. REMEMBER. Your data is your life. Computing provider is your choice.

THE END — Thank You for reading.

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Dear Sister, Your DSN Website

Use Your DSN Website Imagination

By © 2021 Lyno Sullivan and

Sunday, March 21, 2020, 8 AM

Greetings Sister, 

Thank you for joining me on this page in I draw your attention to any subdomains to the left of the “” root domain and the page folders to the right of root domain. The subdomains to the left of the domain define where your website is located on the internet. The page folders provide the location of data content and software services within your site.

The blog post you are reading is located at this URL

The above words convey meaning by an example. If you look in the upper left of your screen you will see “”, known as the “domain”. Were you to see “” you would rightly expect to find digital copies of Oliver’s World War II. 

Oliver Archives

Imagine a family website named “”? That is the website where would store all of the pictures, writings, audio recordings, video recordings, and serve as the archives of Oliver’s Life. One thousand years from now the digital artifacts of Oliver’s life can be preserved and made available to someone living on Mars. How cool is that?

How Cool is That?

Gathering all of Oliver’s digital data together and putting it at his own website subdomain in the cloud is just the beginning. We will perform artifact handling workflow steps that are different for each kind of artifact. 

A Built-in Workflow Manager

Your DSN and my DSN contain a workflow manager. They can interact with your DSN. When your Todo List receives an action request, a task is created in your Todo List to assign the who, what, where, when, and why. Sometimes the same basic workflow decision steps are performed by you and your computer.

 will be followed for the audio recordings made by Mom and other family members. I could store digitan copies of anything in the Oliver archives to my archive website. Subject to sharing permissions, everyone can have the same digital media at their respective websites. The workflow will complete the copying step using workflow automata. 

CAR-1120-01-Dear-Sister-Your-DSN-Website Money Flow adds value to the pricing equation in these ways

  1. The consumer subscribes to the for $24 per month (retail cost)
  2. subscribes to the CCX Core at $12 per month (wholesale cost) and adds value.
  3. ends up with $12 per month net income to be divided according to its money flow distribution pattern.
  4. As an example money flow distribution pattern, consider how might divide the $12 per month. $1 per month sales commission goes to the Sales Agent who made the sale. The rest of the $12 per month covers overhead, operating costs, capital investor ROI, time investor ROI, and your profit.

Sell Physical and Digital Assets

You can have an auction capability available with your DSN. Were you to want such a thing to be available to you, it is an easy matter. I could write a computer program where, at a click of your pointer you could have a WooCommerce Store where you could buy and sell products. It would take a few minutes at most to plugin a collection of new DSN features that would help you fulfill your imagination. 

Use Non-Fungible Tokens to uniquely

Analog Media Archive Project Archives Books Digital Media letters Magazines

Family Archive Project Needs Helper Time
On a Family Archive Project

Project Location: Woodbury, MN, USA 55125

Please email your proposal to of Woodbury, Minnesota, 55125. Be sure to use an email address that will work for you for the long-term. In the email title please use “Lyno Archive Help: <your help proposal title>”. Please keep the proposal to three pages maximum length, including your brief Resume.

Summary Prerequisites

  • You must be 18 years old or older and a U.S. Citizen. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement promising to keep the project contents and operations secrets. The archive collection contains physical and digital artifacts including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret. This applies until the information is published publicly on a public page on the internet.
  • You must record your time and submit your time records for billing purposes.
  • You must be able to drive your car to the worksite or carpool with other Team Members.
  • You must be reliable and show up on-time on a recurring basis.
  • You must be a Student at a Twin Cities campus.
  • It helps if you are eligible for Work Study assignments.

Customer Project Title: Lyno Project

Lyno is my given name. I am the owner of the artifacts disclosed in this “Help Wanted” blog post at the blog site where I am the “Customer” of the Lyno Family Archive Project. I make final decisions as to the workflow to be employed for each artifact type.

Roles You Can Play

The following Project Roles are up for your consideration. Do you have the requisite job skills and capabilities, experience, and an interest in one of the Project Roles listed below? Please explain in your Proposal. Use your imagination to describe how you would like to fit in. How will your involvement with the Lyno Project advance your educational aspirations and goals? Pick one or more roles that interest you and elaborate on them in your proposal, that you email to for consideration.

  • Customer role in taken by Lyno
  • Project Archivist — works directly with customer in forming the archive vision and plan. Most likely the Project Archivist and the Project Leader will be the same person.
  • Project Leader — is responsible for making sure that the workflow steps are followed. The Project Archivist makes sure the workflow is followed in order. The archivist is responsible for making sure that each archival step is properly completed and all provenance is gathered and preserved.
  • Coordinator — team members likely have other responsibilities in addition to their work on the archival project. Identify gaps in skills or resources, and then begin to locate people to resolve staffing issues.
  • Writer and Interviewer — audio record provenance and write up the Customer stories told.
  • Project Workflow Worker does tasks as assigned
  • Project Workflow Architect helps design, document distributed network architecture, APIs, and the application of automated and manual workflows.
  • Project WordPress Developer helps maintain the WordPress parts of the family of websites.
  • Project AWS Developer helps maintain the AWS parts of the family of websites, comprising databases, storage, computing, analytics, workflow steps, automated and manual steps, queue management, background, batch, serverless, etc.
  • Label Printer Operator prepares the shipping label used to identify the contents of plastic bags and contents. For printed content and ISBN or other information is collected and input to the Label printing step. Content boxes and bags may be nested. All receive a unique shipping label with serial numbers barcodes, QR codes.
  • Scanner Operator stands at an overhead scanner and snaps pictures of pages. The scanner works with pages, books, and magazines. Afterwards artifacts get placed into their boxes and plastic bags.
  • Supplies Inventory Specialist orders supplies and manages inventories of supplies for general office and shipping purposes.
  • Magnetic Media Conversion has equipment for digitizing mono and stereo reel to reel tapes, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Beta tapes and various audio recorders.
  • Photograph Collection of photos from prints. Scanning of negatives.
  • Digital Files Organizer deals with a vast number of nested directories filled with much content duplicated numerous times.
  • Website content Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber
  • Social Media Promotion Expert
  • Genealogist to study Family Tree

Lyno Project Artifact Types and Workflows

  • Oliver Library – Oliver is Lyno’s father and teacher throughout life. By virtue of a long story I, Lyno, came by the remaining collection of the books that Oliver read over his lifetime. Oliver summarized each book at the front and sometimes he added margin notes. There is a large overhead scanning effort for these book covers and annotated pages. Then the books may be auctioned off through the store and others will be retained in the main library.
  • Various family records of ancestors related to me by genealogical bloodlines require scanning of Mother Helen and her sister Phylis’s work on tracing the family tree. They corresponded with letters with the keepers of various records of births, deaths and marriages in England, Ireland, and Scotland. There is a overhead scanning workflow that ends up in a subsequent genealogy workflow.
  • Various collections of interesting magazines and books from the 70’s. Through the tech bubble burst of the 2000’s and through the technology years and beyond. These magazines will go through a subsidiary workflow
    • scan ISBN
    • record condition of book or magazine
    • enter target recipient email address
    • enter target physical delivery address
  • Collections of vinyl and other analog media going back to mono reel to reel tape, as well as digital media
  • Nested directories of massively duplicated files
  • Directories filled with digital photographs
  • Movies needing editing
  • Disk drives needing data recovery (SCSI, PCI bus)

Archivist Duties and Responsibilities

Archivists perform many workflow step tasks based upon their specialization. The following core duties and responsibilities are for archivists in general:

Analyze Materials

As an Archivist for the Lyno Archive Project you will handle a wide variety of materials, including documents, books, paintings, maps, films, audio archives, video archives, and so forth. They analyze materials, historical context, physical condition, and content of the material. They will gather provenance from Lyno and other family members he designates.

Preserve Collections

Archive Project leaders and members are responsible for preserving materials correctly. They select archival conservation and storage techniques. In general equipment is cataloged and stored in electrostatic drives. If archive materials require specific environmental conditions, then the archivists will recommend risks and solutions. Lyno or his designee will make final decisions.

Manage Information

You will design and maintain organizational systems to keep track of all archive materials. Computer-based databases will be used for greater efficiency and ease of access. You will developing metadata, preparing indexes, meta-tags, and descriptions of materials. You will convert these into digital formats when possible.

Archivists may make records more available to the public through photocopies and scanned images.They will conduct research on requested topics.

Promote Archive Content

Archivists promote individual materials or collections, encouraging the public to visit the archives at the website.

Work Study need to locate Archivist Team members from a Twin Cities college to take on a family archivist project. Further, we seek students seeking Work Study opportunities learning and practicing Archivist technology and methodology.

Google Search: archivist <school>Twin Cities work study internship

Student jobs

The Lyno Project seeks to hire students in many types of jobs within the Lyno Archive Project. Whether you enjoy working with books, analog media, digital media, technology, teams, or all of the above, working on the Lyno Archives Project can help prepare you for success. 


We seeks to locate a paid internship for a current graduate student or a recent graduate as an Archives Research Assistant to assess, survey, inventory, and describe material related to the Lyno Archive historical files.