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Workflow Driven Life

Everybody can make sense of a workflow driven life. Some people are compulsive about workflow. Some use pencils and tear away lists. Some use notes, notes on the calendar, major appointments in the phone. Performing steps in the best cloud hosted workflow manager would sure solve a lot of problems. It would be like a dream come true.

The features discussed in this post are mostly theoretical in the sense of this post being a user story of workflows needed. This post promises nothing. It simply describes the expected software behavior and the accompanying data.

“It’s All Imaginary ‘Til It’s Real” — Lyno

By (c) 2021 Lyno Sullivan, Sunday, March 28 7AM

Up Until Now

So what’s it like to live a workflow driven life? It depends on who you are working with today.

First let’s observe our daily workflow cycle driven by tasks on our respective to-do lists. You will keep your task list in your tasks database on your cloud computer. I will keep my task list in my tasks database on my cloud computer. Our respective to-do applications running on our private cloud instances can talk with one another. This allows our individual task lists to coordinate our overall joint tasks and communication assignments.

The calendar of life. We said that performing steps in the best cloud hosted workflow manager would sure solve a lot of problems. We said that it would be a dream come true.

Catch The Dream

Imagine if you could have your own computer hardware in the cloud that you pay for only when you need it. When you are not using your hardware to flip your ones and zeros around, your computing hardware may have disappeared, depending on your configuration. You were running on bare metal and were paying for it. Now your running instance may be resting. Your persistent data is kept in your databases.

Understand The Major Players

An internet search result explains “Cloud computing: AWS is still the biggest player, but Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are growing fast. Microsoft Azure has slightly closed the gap comfortably maintained by Amazon Web Service (AWS).”

Go With the Leader

AWS is the Biggest Player in Cloud Computing.

Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon EC2 link: Check it out and be sure to investigate pricing. There are plenty of resellers.

Types of Storage

See AWS types of storage for your data. REMEMBER. Your data is your life. Computing provider is your choice.

THE END — Thank You for reading.

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Dear Sister, Your DSN Website

Use Your DSN Website Imagination

By © 2021 Lyno Sullivan and

Sunday, March 21, 2020, 8 AM

Greetings Sister, 

Thank you for joining me on this page in I draw your attention to any subdomains to the left of the “” root domain and the page folders to the right of root domain. The subdomains to the left of the domain define where your website is located on the internet. The page folders provide the location of data content and software services within your site.

The blog post you are reading is located at this URL

The above words convey meaning by an example. If you look in the upper left of your screen you will see “”, known as the “domain”. Were you to see “” you would rightly expect to find digital copies of Oliver’s World War II. 

Oliver Archives

Imagine a family website named “”? That is the website where would store all of the pictures, writings, audio recordings, video recordings, and serve as the archives of Oliver’s Life. One thousand years from now the digital artifacts of Oliver’s life can be preserved and made available to someone living on Mars. How cool is that?

How Cool is That?

Gathering all of Oliver’s digital data together and putting it at his own website subdomain in the cloud is just the beginning. We will perform artifact handling workflow steps that are different for each kind of artifact. 

A Built-in Workflow Manager

Your DSN and my DSN contain a workflow manager. They can interact with your DSN. When your Todo List receives an action request, a task is created in your Todo List to assign the who, what, where, when, and why. Sometimes the same basic workflow decision steps are performed by you and your computer.

 will be followed for the audio recordings made by Mom and other family members. I could store digitan copies of anything in the Oliver archives to my archive website. Subject to sharing permissions, everyone can have the same digital media at their respective websites. The workflow will complete the copying step using workflow automata. 

CAR-1120-01-Dear-Sister-Your-DSN-Website Money Flow adds value to the pricing equation in these ways

  1. The consumer subscribes to the for $24 per month (retail cost)
  2. subscribes to the CCX Core at $12 per month (wholesale cost) and adds value.
  3. ends up with $12 per month net income to be divided according to its money flow distribution pattern.
  4. As an example money flow distribution pattern, consider how might divide the $12 per month. $1 per month sales commission goes to the Sales Agent who made the sale. The rest of the $12 per month covers overhead, operating costs, capital investor ROI, time investor ROI, and your profit.

Sell Physical and Digital Assets

You can have an auction capability available with your DSN. Were you to want such a thing to be available to you, it is an easy matter. I could write a computer program where, at a click of your pointer you could have a WooCommerce Store where you could buy and sell products. It would take a few minutes at most to plugin a collection of new DSN features that would help you fulfill your imagination. 

Use Non-Fungible Tokens to uniquely