Family Archive Project Needs Helper Time
On a Family Archive Project

Project Location: Woodbury, MN, USA 55125

Please email your proposal to of Woodbury, Minnesota, 55125. Be sure to use an email address that will work for you for the long-term. In the email title please use “Lyno Archive Help: <your help proposal title>”. Please keep the proposal to three pages maximum length, including your brief Resume.

Summary Prerequisites

  • You must be 18 years old or older and a U.S. Citizen. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement promising to keep the project contents and operations secrets. The archive collection contains physical and digital artifacts including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret. This applies until the information is published publicly on a public page on the internet.
  • You must record your time and submit your time records for billing purposes.
  • You must be able to drive your car to the worksite or carpool with other Team Members.
  • You must be reliable and show up on-time on a recurring basis.
  • You must be a Student at a Twin Cities campus.
  • It helps if you are eligible for Work Study assignments.

Customer Project Title: Lyno Project

Lyno is my given name. I am the owner of the artifacts disclosed in this “Help Wanted” blog post at the blog site where I am the “Customer” of the Lyno Family Archive Project. I make final decisions as to the workflow to be employed for each artifact type.

Roles You Can Play

The following Project Roles are up for your consideration. Do you have the requisite job skills and capabilities, experience, and an interest in one of the Project Roles listed below? Please explain in your Proposal. Use your imagination to describe how you would like to fit in. How will your involvement with the Lyno Project advance your educational aspirations and goals? Pick one or more roles that interest you and elaborate on them in your proposal, that you email to for consideration.

  • Customer role in taken by Lyno
  • Project Archivist — works directly with customer in forming the archive vision and plan. Most likely the Project Archivist and the Project Leader will be the same person.
  • Project Leader — is responsible for making sure that the workflow steps are followed. The Project Archivist makes sure the workflow is followed in order. The archivist is responsible for making sure that each archival step is properly completed and all provenance is gathered and preserved.
  • Coordinator — team members likely have other responsibilities in addition to their work on the archival project. Identify gaps in skills or resources, and then begin to locate people to resolve staffing issues.
  • Writer and Interviewer — audio record provenance and write up the Customer stories told.
  • Project Workflow Worker does tasks as assigned
  • Project Workflow Architect helps design, document distributed network architecture, APIs, and the application of automated and manual workflows.
  • Project WordPress Developer helps maintain the WordPress parts of the family of websites.
  • Project AWS Developer helps maintain the AWS parts of the family of websites, comprising databases, storage, computing, analytics, workflow steps, automated and manual steps, queue management, background, batch, serverless, etc.
  • Label Printer Operator prepares the shipping label used to identify the contents of plastic bags and contents. For printed content and ISBN or other information is collected and input to the Label printing step. Content boxes and bags may be nested. All receive a unique shipping label with serial numbers barcodes, QR codes.
  • Scanner Operator stands at an overhead scanner and snaps pictures of pages. The scanner works with pages, books, and magazines. Afterwards artifacts get placed into their boxes and plastic bags.
  • Supplies Inventory Specialist orders supplies and manages inventories of supplies for general office and shipping purposes.
  • Magnetic Media Conversion has equipment for digitizing mono and stereo reel to reel tapes, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, Beta tapes and various audio recorders.
  • Photograph Collection of photos from prints. Scanning of negatives.
  • Digital Files Organizer deals with a vast number of nested directories filled with much content duplicated numerous times.
  • Website content Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber
  • Social Media Promotion Expert
  • Genealogist to study Family Tree

Lyno Project Artifact Types and Workflows

  • Oliver Library – Oliver is Lyno’s father and teacher throughout life. By virtue of a long story I, Lyno, came by the remaining collection of the books that Oliver read over his lifetime. Oliver summarized each book at the front and sometimes he added margin notes. There is a large overhead scanning effort for these book covers and annotated pages. Then the books may be auctioned off through the store and others will be retained in the main library.
  • Various family records of ancestors related to me by genealogical bloodlines require scanning of Mother Helen and her sister Phylis’s work on tracing the family tree. They corresponded with letters with the keepers of various records of births, deaths and marriages in England, Ireland, and Scotland. There is a overhead scanning workflow that ends up in a subsequent genealogy workflow.
  • Various collections of interesting magazines and books from the 70’s. Through the tech bubble burst of the 2000’s and through the technology years and beyond. These magazines will go through a subsidiary workflow
    • scan ISBN
    • record condition of book or magazine
    • enter target recipient email address
    • enter target physical delivery address
  • Collections of vinyl and other analog media going back to mono reel to reel tape, as well as digital media
  • Nested directories of massively duplicated files
  • Directories filled with digital photographs
  • Movies needing editing
  • Disk drives needing data recovery (SCSI, PCI bus)

Archivist Duties and Responsibilities

Archivists perform many workflow step tasks based upon their specialization. The following core duties and responsibilities are for archivists in general:

Analyze Materials

As an Archivist for the Lyno Archive Project you will handle a wide variety of materials, including documents, books, paintings, maps, films, audio archives, video archives, and so forth. They analyze materials, historical context, physical condition, and content of the material. They will gather provenance from Lyno and other family members he designates.

Preserve Collections

Archive Project leaders and members are responsible for preserving materials correctly. They select archival conservation and storage techniques. In general equipment is cataloged and stored in electrostatic drives. If archive materials require specific environmental conditions, then the archivists will recommend risks and solutions. Lyno or his designee will make final decisions.

Manage Information

You will design and maintain organizational systems to keep track of all archive materials. Computer-based databases will be used for greater efficiency and ease of access. You will developing metadata, preparing indexes, meta-tags, and descriptions of materials. You will convert these into digital formats when possible.

Archivists may make records more available to the public through photocopies and scanned images.They will conduct research on requested topics.

Promote Archive Content

Archivists promote individual materials or collections, encouraging the public to visit the archives at the website.

Work Study need to locate Archivist Team members from a Twin Cities college to take on a family archivist project. Further, we seek students seeking Work Study opportunities learning and practicing Archivist technology and methodology.

Google Search: archivist <school>Twin Cities work study internship

Student jobs

The Lyno Project seeks to hire students in many types of jobs within the Lyno Archive Project. Whether you enjoy working with books, analog media, digital media, technology, teams, or all of the above, working on the Lyno Archives Project can help prepare you for success. 


We seeks to locate a paid internship for a current graduate student or a recent graduate as an Archives Research Assistant to assess, survey, inventory, and describe material related to the Lyno Archive historical files.