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#GISteam is the center of Carbonic LLC geographic team coordination and work.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialists

At Carbonic LLC, your existing education and experience in GIS work opens the door to membership on the #GISteam. Upon pre-approval, as a matter of personal choice, you can take on various duties and assignments. As an intern working toward becoming a time investor at Carbonic LLC, you shouldn’t quit your day job, as they say. Your investment of time in Carbonic LLC allows wonderful opportunities for career building and resume building. Data for simple marketing campaigns can be retrieved from GIS databases produced by 1) various federal agencies, 2) Minnesota and other states, 3) counties, 4) local communities, and 4) other freely available and possibly commercial GIS databases. These marketing campaign reports will drive customer outreach campaigns. 

Seeking Carbonic LLC #GISteam Positions

Carbonic LLC is seeking to fill various internship positions with one or more individuals interested in performing with the #GISteam. If you are seeking fun assignments with interesting questions to research from our Minnesota and other GIS databases, please consider becoming a member of the #GISteam. Have a look at the positions in the table below and decide which position or positions would best fit your talents and interests.

Pig Manure Into Plastic

At Carbonic LLC we seek to deliver to pig farms a technological marvel of a machine that turns pig manure into plastic. If you care about excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then think about the Carbonic LLC philosophy which seeks to reduce carbon waste in the atmosphere, waterways, or on land by sequestration, before it enters the atmosphere.

Community Around Sustainability

#GISteam will become a community of interns and investors focused around sustainability. Pig manure to carbon sequestered plastic is a smart idea because it reduces dependence on fossil fuels, creating plastic from sustainable biological sources instead. 

Positions to Fill on #GISteam

Please review the following roles and pick the ONE that best fits your skills and interests. Then choose other positions you could fill that are of interest to you.

#GISteam Roles

#GISteam  Role  ID#GISteam  Role  Description
#GIS01 Executive & Director#GIS01 roles coordinate #GISteam activities and chair meetings of the team. Co-work with other members. Participated in interviews of #GISteam interns.
#GIS02 Mentor & Deputy#GIS02 mentor roles meet with #GISteam members who are seeking the help of an experienced and trusted adviser. Co-work with other members is encouraged. Leadership in Carbonic LLC projects
#GIS03 Team Leader#GIS03 team leader interns must define a project that attracts other #GIS03, #GIS04, and #GISinterns to their project. All team members participate by their own free will. They must merely complete tasks they commit to that are pre-approved and on the project timeline.
#GIS04 Data Specialist#GIS04 Data Specialists are the workforce for the major projects. One or more data specialists build and maintain GIS databases. For example, key politicians on agriculture, environment, and committees interested in a manure to plastic carbon sequestration issues.
#GIS05 CAPITAL#GIS05 capital raising involves crowd sourcing support and other Carbonic LLC capital raising solutions. This is of vital concern to #GISteam members because when #GIS05 members join a team they bring major producer capital for a project. Maybe a geography movie of the travels through Yellowstone Park by John Colter who broke away from the returning Lewis and Clark Expedition to travel across Paradise valley to follow the Yellowstone River south of Livingston. The movie could be titled “Colter’s Hell”. (Crop
#GIS06 TIME & TALK#GIS06 Time and Talk interns are responsible for finding good #GISproject talent to help with one another’s projects and tasks. Twenty minutes of the right kind of specialist could save a team many hours. Interns and everybody needs to hono and fulfill those commitments they agreed to. They will be graded by their peers.  As a #GISintern people will find you from your #GISprofile. These are CarbonicLLC inspired GIS journeys to manure producers’ kind of “meet the farmers” travel tours of B&B locations, farm tours, education talks, interview elders and local citizens.
#GIS07 BIZ#GIS07 BIZ deals with GIS needs of profit and non-profit needs in the general population with a special association with farmer cooperatives, and rural organizations of all sorts that lead to digital=physical communities, united in about 50,000 humans each, for uniform granularity of by census and other polygons. The #BIZteam has a special relationship with #CHEMteam in the areas of the chemistry of the various soils, crops, manures, ash, minerals, etc. create various closed cycle systems
#GIS08 EDU R&DGIS education coordination, preparation, delivery of GIS software and services through #GISteamwork.
#GIS09 MarketingMarketing and Sales
#GIS10 Media ProducerA #GIS10 media producer role is filled by people with a passion for writings, drawings and being a metadata writer. A media producer. An artist, animator, illustrator, and basically anyone with a passion for producing and selling geography related products might find a home in a #GIS10 Media Producer role.
#GIS11 Help#GIS11 interns talk with #GISteam members as well as their sister roles in many of the interlocked teams ox #wxyz11 Help Teams. The goal is that all of the #wxyz11 are interconnected. For example, a GISteam GIS11 team member can talk with a #CHEM11 on the #CHEMteam because, in theory, there is always someone staffing the #wxyz11 role and function. 
#GIS12 Tech#GIS12 is an eclectic mix people sometimes cross trained on the #SECUteam and #TECHteam where they provide services to #GISteam members regarding the admin of various GIS software packages like QGIS, GRASS, and ArcGIS. Write software that is proprietary or open-sourced to support the #GISteam member persons and organizations.


#GISTeams Roles Available

Doc: CAR-1152-01 HELP-GIS #GISteam