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Blogging in Modern Times

by Lyno Carbonic, Thursday, October 1, 2020

Greetings. Blogging in modern times has its advantages. Please have a look at to see my blog postings. Be sure to wander into the store to shop I am always brewing up new ideas for sale or give away. Lyno Carbonic is my pen name. I am the CEO of Carbonic LLC of Woodbury Minnesota.

Education and Career

I grew up in Montana in the Fifties and Sixties. With a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. Economics degrees in 1972 I joined the Peace Corps. During three years service in the Peace Corps in Kingston, Jamaica, I amassed some fascinating stories. Upon return to the U.S. I worked forty years with several States developing software for the delivery of government food, family cash needs, and medical assistance needs. I retired in March of 2016, just in time for the 2016 elections.


After retiring I kept my IP creativity alive by writing, drawing, producing books, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, plays, and even a little fiction among the science future scenarios coming alive today.

  1. I patented the ErgoCube™ modular storage container system.
  2. I wrote a book titled “Newland 2084”, by Lyno. It concerned alternative economic flow systems operating in the business sector rather than government.
  3. The book offered multi-pronged solutions to various problems of Society like Poverty, Basic Needs, Education and more.
  4. The book presented a new and innovative LivingVote™ Democracy capability.
  5. My work includes innovative Time Flow and Money Flow solutions.
    1. Personal Education Fund (PEF) money management
    2. Human Trust Account (HTA)

Carbon Gasification Solution (CGS)

Carbonic supports the gasification of carbonaceous materials to produce fuel, plastics, fertilizer, and other carbon based products.

My Carbon Gasification (CGS) work postulates that a 12,000 human polygon is large enough to provide a small sustainable regional economy. Another postulate is that a 48,000 human population polygon provides a decent sized sustainable city more goods and services. Using that assumption I studied pig farming as a way to provide pork products for people. The pig manure was the feedstock for the CGS to gasify.

CoCreateX Involvement

I joined CoCreateX INC as an IP Consultant in 2016. I helped develop the architecture and features of the DSN. My current blog is kept at which, in essence contains my teachings that will live beyond my life. My AI will be available too.

I will tell many stories to be discussed in my blog in order to share my life with future generations. My writings and drawing and copyright productions will be the legacy of my life as a Leaf on the Tree of Life.

It’s all imaginary ’til it’s real.

Lyno Carbonic

My Technology

I am able to blog using my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Computing on my AWS EC2 server where I keep my data in Simple Storage services AWS S3 and other AWS storage resources. I own my data as written in the AWS Compliance / Data Privacy FAQ

AWS gives me ownership and control over my data, content, and information. Up until now my data has been splattered across the Internet at places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other Social Media sites. From now on my data is going to be stored at my private DSN. My data from my private DSN can be shared with other Social Media sites, if I so choose.

Cloud Security

We know that customers care deeply about privacy and data security. That’s why AWS gives you ownership and control over your content through simple, powerful tools that allow you to determine where your content will be stored, secure your content in transit and at rest, and manage your access to AWS services and resources for your users.

AWS Data Privacy Resources

Owning My Data

The invention of the Distributed Social Network DSN™ changes how I store my data. I am beginning to store my data in the cloud. Lots of my data is currently stored and owned by information conglomerates like Facebook and Twitter who keep conclusions about my psychological profile, which should be protected by HIPAA. Information about me is splattered all over the Internet. My content is kept safe at big places like Microsoft and Apple.

By owning my DSN website. I feel able to own my data, content, and information.

A Distributed Social Network (DSN) is a network of computing and data resources. These resources are owned by persons and organizations. Using my DSN, I get to choose other DSNs I want to communicate with. We can subscribe to each others feeds.

by Lyno

Authoritative Source of Truth
About Me

I am the one true authoritative source of my data, content, and information. Please go through my website posts, products, data, content, and information.

Data Concerns

  1. Per HIPAA for medical data compliance
  2. Use MN Data Practices Act compliance to set guidelines
  3. Study Laws in Europe and California
  4. Privacy
  5. Security
  6. Data
  7. Content
  8. Information

Rules For Release of My Data

  1. Exchange time and use limited secret keys
  2. Track every person who decrypts my data
  3. Gather the results of all data evaluation
  4. Track physical specimen examination results and interpretation
  5. Record all consultations and results produced
  6. Track all expense detail and summary data reports
  7. Return the tracking and gathered information results to my DSN

Manifesto for Change

You who hold my data, give my data to me in a usable form .
I’ll mine my own data for its nuggets of truth.

at Silver Sands Resort, east of Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.

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Less Than One Roll of Toilet Paper GDP Loss per Person per Day During Q1 2020 in the USA

If We Could Go Back in Time

By Lyno Carbonic


January 1, 2020

Rodin’s “The Thinker” by Andrew Horne – public-domain – WikiMedia – 1024px

In challenging times such as 2020, We the People must take a stand. We must stand together on many things. As individuals we must resurrect our deepest narrative about topics like racial harmony, equal treatment under the law, ad so forth. We must call forth from our memory our prepared remarks and observations formed while thinking beforehand. What do we say inside our head? In silent contemplation let us each now ponder the effects of Covid-19, boredom, and politics on our lives in the past, present, and future.

Suppose We could go back in time. We would all agree to go back to the beginning and redo some things. We need to press Rewind and Replay 2020 of 2020 events. into our we know how to handle the next epidemic or pandemic like the Covid-19 virus, also known as the “Caronavirus”. The Center of Disease Control, the CDC, always have beautiful numbers well presented in tables, charts, graphics and everything else.

Picking The Rewind Start Date

What date would we choose? What would We the People and our politicians do differently. Let’s pick a date and rewind back in time.

What date We choose is important. January 1 as Day 1 of the COVID-19 of a pandemic quarantine quagmire.

Day 1

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Each of us will now sit in quiet contemplation. Each must go to our own blog. We must create a post. It must be the same day for everyone so we can all must start at the beginning day. Go back to that universal starting date. Blog your way forward day by day. For example, along the way answer these kinds of questions. Answer them by writing into your blog.

Give yourself a pen name. I go by the first name Lyno and a last name, like “Carbonic“, “Carbon”, “Diamond” and “Newland”.

The Start of COVID-19

January 1, 2020 was New Years Day! It was a relatively normal Wednesday. There was a report of an unknown virus detected in Wuhan, China.

The COVID-19 first alert


Using Wednesday, January 1, 2020 as your first blog entry start telling your story. Consider using some questions from below.

  1. Have you considered writing a blog? For those interested in keeping a blog, consider breaking free of centralized social media solutions. Why not own a slice computing and data resources in the Cloud? In fact, Carbonic Live will soon offer a $24 per month Distributed Social Network (DSN) solution in the Carbonic Store. It offers a WordPress blogging capability that is demonstrated by the Carbonic Live website and the page you are viewing in this place and time.
  2. What’s your story? Begin to write it down. Read it out loud and make an audio recording if you want to.
  3. Be sure to tell the story of your parents.
  4. Tell a story about a relative from whom you learned about Life.
  5. Please tell a short story about you life on New Years Day! Was it a Great day? Did you spend with with family or friends?
  6. Did you make a New Years Resolution?
  7. Did you watch TV? What did you learn.?
  8. If children were present did they socialize with the adults or use their cell phones or other devices? Did they play games on their computer? Tell the stories of what happened on New Years Day for you.
  9. Did you watch one of the televised parades? You could document what you liked. Tell your story in a blog.
  10. What were your favorite High School classes? In your Education Lifetime who has been the most inspirational for you? What was their message to Humanity
  11. Why is “Service to Humanity” such a powerful message?
  12. If you had the Power, what would you do to solve Homelessness and Poverty in the USA?
  13. Do you think that personal income tax burden should be abolished? Do you think that a universal sales tax applied to every product and service sold in the United States should be taxed at ten cents on the dollar (10%) with an extra penny (1%) thrown in mandated to the paying down the National Debt.

Day 2

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Create a post. Write your personalized Question Of the Day (QOD) that would have been on your mind on your first day back at work. What would your typical workday have been like.

Heading Of the Day (HOD)

Thursday, January 2, 2020. was normal Thursday.

All quiet on the COVID-19 track. Normal day.

Day 3
Friday, January 3, 2020

Day 251, Labor Day USA!
Monday, September 7, 2020

Today is Labor Day in the USA. We are 251 days into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join your local union today. It is filled with people just like you.

by Lyno Carbonic on Day 251 of 2020. Labor Day.

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Join The $24 Per Hour WordPress Contract Market

by Lyno Sullivan, CEO, Carbonic LLC

Need a freelance WordPress contractor with light PHP JavaScript experience for $24 per hour? As a beginning WordPress and light PHP freelancer, would you accept $24 per hour for contract work? You will be able to learn AWS on the job. You will practice on a Distributed Social Network (DSN) server site. Your DSN houses your writings and media content? Read more!

Drawing depicts two DSNs sharing serving as a Buyer and a Seller in a time and money economy.
Drawing depicts two DSNs sharing serving as a Buyer and a Seller in a time and money economy.

The above drawing (DSN01) shows the money and time economy within which a time Buyer searches through their DSN network to locate time sellers with the needed talents, skills, and time. By doing a DSN “smart” search, the DSN empowered Buyer may locate one or more DSN empowered Sellers. That’s the best kind of search because both the Seller and the Buyer own their own DSN. Therefore, WordPress skills can be presumed.

Once “match” pairings are located and resume analysis begins, Buyer and Seller introductions begin. There may be a Sales Agent involved (not shown in above Figure.

The Buyer and Seller negotiate the hourly rate and the scope of work. The Seller performs the work. The Seller prepares a bill and submits their time records to the Buyer. The Buyer pays money or provides other compensation for the time worked. Volunteer, intern, student apprenticeship, guild training, time is treated in a similar manner.

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Business Owner Perspective

As a business owner how would you like to find developing WordPress contractors who know some PHP at a $24 per hour rate?

Are you currently promoting your brand in several BIG social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others? Do you keep a WordPress website with posts, pages, and WooCommerce products? Does your website run on a cloud server or on your 24/7 “bare metal” server? Regarding business knowledge, have you ever thought about your mail lists and contact relationships being in the hands of social media and software as service sites?

Do you need help getting rid of some of your big social media burden? Otherwise known as your Legacy Debt. You may not know it yet but you will want to rid yourself of all centralized sites because of how your one distributed social network (DSN) behaves. A DSN business model gives every person and organization with their own DSN instance. The answer to getting things done is to hire some contractors to help. Hourly rates will vary.

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Contractor Perspective

Assume you are a contractor who is in training to become an experienced WordPress, PHP, Javascript, AWS specialist earning $72 per hour. Invest enough of your time in yourself and maybe $144 per hour becomes a fair rate for your talent and skills. That’s a dream held by lots of people on earth. because of how your one distributed social network (DSN) behaves, the possibilities become endless.

It’s all imaginary ’til it’s real.


For today and possibly the next week, how would you like to bill your time at a taxable $24 per hour rate. You might land a short term gig while you are looking for a long term contract. Often an assignment will be for a one week and align with Buyer business sprints. There is no office to go to except the office in the Seller’s home. Away from kids while you work. Stick to the Plan! Are you trying to be a full time parent and a full time contractor. In these COVID pandemic days family dynamics are changing for everyone. Please, enjoy this post for a sense of what life can be like for some parents.

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Employee Perspective

As a prospective employee you may be able to start as a contractor. Do good work. Seek exciting experiences. Tap your talents! Exercise your skills! Work your way into becoming an employee. Maybe you can receive stock options as part of your compensation? Because of how your one distributed social network (DSN) behaves, your highest aspirations may be attainable sooner than you think. If these words sounds interesting, please keep reading.

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Generic Ticket

Ever thought about setting up a store and selling products? What is the most generic thing every store could sell? The answer to that question is to sell a generic numbered ticket to products in your store. Imagine being the proud owner of an eCommerce site built upon the hottest open-source WordPress and WooCommerce products.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The author is a trained computer scientist and economist. He is not a attorney or an accountant. He seeks their advice when possible. If your vision includes setting up your store as a way to supplement your income, please look into “Finding eCommerce”. Learn what is takes to be a vendor in Multivendor Marketplace. If you need a website for your store, then have a look at ownSocial Distributed Social Network sold by CoCreateX of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Where Am I?
How Did I Get To this Universal Generic Ticket Decoder?

You are here because you just clicked a product control button somewhere on the Internet. As you might expect, you have landed on a landing page handler post. It is used by almost every “Buy” button on the website. This page untangles where you were in the system when you clicked or otherwise selected this page as your target. You didn’t know that unless you have been here before. This page acts as a “universal source decoder” of where you came from that ended up on this target page.

“Generic Ticket” Source to Target Transition

Reduce System Complexity

The Universal Generic Ticket Decoder reduces system complexity. Reducing system complexity is usually a good thing.

  • reduced complexity usually translates into less human time necessary to develop and maintain the software
  • a less complex system takes less human time to understand and apply

Why Should I Buy a Ticket?

There are several generic reasons pertinent to most tickets.

  • A ticket Source/Target combo is like a key that unlocks something. At the very least, the buyer of a Source/Target combo will receive a newsletter about Source related activities and posts written by people who bought a ticket to the Source/Target combo.
  • Pull existing social media splattered around the internet into your own private distributed social network (DSN)
  • Answer a questionnaire
  • Monetize your questionnaire answers
  • Anonymize yourself and monetize your demographic data
    • gender, race, age weight, allergies, pre-existing conditions,
    • your opinions on everything in the questionnaire
    • your opinions of the goods and services that use
    • innovative ideas for useful products are reviewed by patent aficionado DSN owners
    • monetize your DNA or make it public once you are gone
    • you might even be able to buy a ticket to donate your DNA to Science; consult your Attorney
  • Attend an event or a set of events
  • Participate in historical, current, and future events
  • Quickly obtain tickets for current events
  • It is like going to a carnival, fair, or theme park and buying generic numbered tickets for various rides and events
  • Buy season tickets for your favorite school team games, drama stage plays, musical presentation, talent contests, and so forth. Make sure a fair share of the proceeds goes to the players.

Music Industry Generic Tickets

One interesting use case concerns the Music Industry.

  • Create or Join a favorite musician’s Fan Club
  • Create or Join a favorite musical group’s Fan Club
  • Attend a virtual music event
  • Download some beats and songs
  • Schedule an in-person class
  • Schedule a virtual class
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Search for a gig
  • Search for a musician for a gig
  • Find a music teacher
  • Locate a music student
  • Obtain Music Engineering assistance
  • Join a Music Composer Club
  • Find a record label to help promote your works
  • As a record label yourself, search and find the talent
  • As a teacher, discover talent
  • Practice to gain skills
  • Locate vendors to sell music products
  • Recognize prodigy and virtuosity

If your vision of your income includes setting up a store look into “Finding eCommerce” as a way to learn what is takes to be a vendor. You may participate is a Multivendor Marketplace. Learn how to sell other vendor products through your store, for a commission If you are looking for a website for your store, then have a look at ownSocial Distributed Social Network built by CoCreateX of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Current Events Historical Events Politics

Revenue Act of 1918

The trigger event for this post was a Newsweek post about Princeton removing U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s name from the name of a building on campus. Woodrow Wilson is remembered as a racist. Carbonic LLC at the blog post named The gist of this post is that We the People must pass an Income Tax Amendment to our Constitution designed to eliminate Income Tax and replace it with a Sales Tax.


President Woodrow Wilson

Some people are calling for of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s name to be treated as a defacement which must be removed by the institutions from all public and private buildings. We the People must remove Wilson’s defacement of the American People which is the Revenue Act of 1918.

At the next U.S. Constitutional Convention, by Amendment we must eliminate our Income Tax and replace it with a Universal Sales Tax designed to reduce the National Debt with a surtax. ????

Tax Act of 1918

(the following is a slightly edited copy from Wikipedia

The act simplified the tax structure created by the 1917 act. Instead of applying a “like normal tax” and a “like additional tax” to the 1916 act normal tax and additional tax the 1917 Act, which was signed by President Wilson created a single tax structure with a Normal Tax and a Surtax.

The top rate was increased to 77%, and applied to income above $1,000,000. The top rate of the War Revenue Act of 1917 had taxed all income above $2,000,000 at a 67% rate.

The act was applicable to incomes for 1918. For 1919 and 1920 the top normal tax rate was reduced from 12 percent to 8%. This reduced the top marginal tax rate that combined normal tax and surtax from 77% to 73%.

Even in 1918, only 5% of the population paid federal income taxes (up from 1% in 1913), and yet the income tax funded one-third of the cost of World War I.

Other Information

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