Jamaica Photo Album

The “Jamaica Photo Album” product invites you to register early and receive a commission on your sales. This is a future product under consideration. This album is the first prototype of a Carbonic LLC product that is envisioned to become a mainstay of photographers who seek sales of their images. Please read the “Jamaica Photo…


Jamaica Photo Album

THIS is a Product Preview

For Sale on July 4, 2020

July 4, 2020 at Dawning of Minnesota Time

This album is © 2020 Lyno Sullivan.

Predawn Jamaica Jetty Silhouette
A predawn image of a jetty silhouette nestled below an expansive sky.

Produce Your Media

Imagine yourself in Jamaica in the early dawn waiting for the sun to rise. Using your good camera or your phone, at the press of a button you can capture a photo, record a movie. Make an audio recording and take the channels off the camera. Or get out your smart phone and produce your new media.

Keep Your Media Organized

The photo is an image that you can add to your own photo album. You can sell your media at your own store. Other vendors can sell your photo album and photos on commission.

All of this seems plausible for a photo and an organized collection of photos. To what end? Why would a photographer want to create a product that behaves like the Jamaica Photo Album?

An almond tree by the stairs leading down to the beach.
A tree situated at the top of the stairs leading down to the North Shore beach.

How the Jamaica Photo Album Behaves

The Jamaica Photo Album is a collection of photos.

This photo is © 2020 Lyno Sullivan.

The envisioned subscription will provide for the periodic arrival of a new photos into each consumer’s gallery. The consumer will be able to keep the image and share it in common sense ways like these.

  • share the photo
    • with selected groups of family, friends, associates, affiliates
    • preserve attribution
    • copy and distribute
  • make derived works the share alike preserve attribution; in front or back matter is an OK location.
  • the exact Terms and Conditions wording is available in the licensing document, which has not been written as yet.
A quiet street at the Silver Sands Resort
A typical quiet street at the Silver Sands Resort which is located a few miles east of Montego Bay on the North Shore of Jamaica.

Q: What’s the Story?

A: This product “Jamaica Photo Album” is unusual in various ways. It behaves like a subscription. During checkout your Name, Email address, and Password are gathered. That information gets you the early release mail list. By simply purchasing the “Jamaica Photo Album” product from the Carbonic Store,  you are getting in line to review innovative new products. If your interest is piqued by setting up a store please look into joining the “Finding eCommerce” education experience.


A photo of a palm tree with a backdrop of the sea behind.
A photo of a palm tree with a backdrop of the sea behind.

Q: Why Should I Buy the “Jamaica Photo Album” Product

If you like what you have read up to this point in the document, then please consider subscribing to the hashtag location below. You will join a group of subscribers who, just like you, share an interest in the information surrounding this particular location in this document. You will receive information from the #JAMAICA-why-buy-Ticket Subscription Center when new information arrives.

A: This document contains new photos with each subsequent version release. Major releases will be reported in newsletters and subsequent advance notice product releases. As is true for many product releases, the more people buy this product, the more attention will be devoted to improving the product.

Everybody has to earn a living in order to survive. This is true for the potential buyer of the “Jamaica Photo Album”. It is true for the photographer and the author of this page. What is true for the product consumers is often true for the product producers. Everybody needs a steady income supply source.

If your vision of your income includes setting up a store like the “Jamaica Photo Album” as a way to sell your photos, movies, audio productions, please look into “Finding eCommerce” as a way to learn what is takes to be a vendor in several Multivendor Marketplace locations on the Internet. If you are looking for a website for your store, then have a look at ownSocial Distributed Social Network built by CoCreateX of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Q: Will the Price for this Product Change?

A: The price for newer purchases may rise over time. Early consumers, at early release prices, will get earlier special pricing on future product releases.

Swimming beach scene with lifeguard stand and a shady umbrella.
Swimming beach scene with a lifeguard stand, a light pole, a shady umbrella and a cannon, perhaps from a long ago cannon defensive system.

Please Ponder These Matters

Buying this product is the first step of preparing to become a sales agent or a sales agency owner. The general commission strategy is discussed in detail in another product.