Generic Ticket

Ever thought about setting up a store and selling products? What is the most generic thing every store could sell? The answer to that question is to sell a generic numbered ticket to products in your store. Imagine being the proud owner of an eCommerce site built upon the hottest open-source WordPress and WooCommerce products.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The author is a trained computer scientist and economist. He is not a attorney or an accountant. He seeks their advice when possible. If your vision includes setting up your store as a way to supplement your income, please look into “Finding eCommerce”. Learn what is takes to be a vendor in Multivendor Marketplace. If you need a website for your store, then have a look at ownSocial Distributed Social Network sold by CoCreateX of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Where Am I?
How Did I Get To this Universal Generic Ticket Decoder?

You are here because you just clicked a product control button somewhere on the Internet. As you might expect, you have landed on a landing page handler post. It is used by almost every “Buy” button on the website. This page untangles where you were in the system when you clicked or otherwise selected this page as your target. You didn’t know that unless you have been here before. This page acts as a “universal source decoder” of where you came from that ended up on this target page.

“Generic Ticket” Source to Target Transition

Reduce System Complexity

The Universal Generic Ticket Decoder reduces system complexity. Reducing system complexity is usually a good thing.

  • reduced complexity usually translates into less human time necessary to develop and maintain the software
  • a less complex system takes less human time to understand and apply

Why Should I Buy a Ticket?

There are several generic reasons pertinent to most tickets.

  • A ticket Source/Target combo is like a key that unlocks something. At the very least, the buyer of a Source/Target combo will receive a newsletter about Source related activities and posts written by people who bought a ticket to the Source/Target combo.
  • Pull existing social media splattered around the internet into your own private distributed social network (DSN)
  • Answer a questionnaire
  • Monetize your questionnaire answers
  • Anonymize yourself and monetize your demographic data
    • gender, race, age weight, allergies, pre-existing conditions,
    • your opinions on everything in the questionnaire
    • your opinions of the goods and services that use
    • innovative ideas for useful products are reviewed by patent aficionado DSN owners
    • monetize your DNA or make it public once you are gone
    • you might even be able to buy a ticket to donate your DNA to Science; consult your Attorney
  • Attend an event or a set of events
  • Participate in historical, current, and future events
  • Quickly obtain tickets for current events
  • It is like going to a carnival, fair, or theme park and buying generic numbered tickets for various rides and events
  • Buy season tickets for your favorite school team games, drama stage plays, musical presentation, talent contests, and so forth. Make sure a fair share of the proceeds goes to the players.

Music Industry Generic Tickets

One interesting use case concerns the Music Industry.

  • Create or Join a favorite musician’s Fan Club
  • Create or Join a favorite musical group’s Fan Club
  • Attend a virtual music event
  • Download some beats and songs
  • Schedule an in-person class
  • Schedule a virtual class
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Search for a gig
  • Search for a musician for a gig
  • Find a music teacher
  • Locate a music student
  • Obtain Music Engineering assistance
  • Join a Music Composer Club
  • Find a record label to help promote your works
  • As a record label yourself, search and find the talent
  • As a teacher, discover talent
  • Practice to gain skills
  • Locate vendors to sell music products
  • Recognize prodigy and virtuosity

If your vision of your income includes setting up a store look into “Finding eCommerce” as a way to learn what is takes to be a vendor. You may participate is a Multivendor Marketplace. Learn how to sell other vendor products through your store, for a commission If you are looking for a website for your store, then have a look at ownSocial Distributed Social Network built by CoCreateX of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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