is under attack by automata

by Lyno Carbonic on Sunday, December 27, 2020, at 7 AM

With a heavy sigh I begin this post. The truth in a nutshell is that has been hanging out there for quite some time on the internet. Exposed to coordinated attacks by swarms of automata. I am still letting that reality sink in. A thousand questions that arise distill down to precious few: who is doing this, what are they looking for, what is their intent, what is the risk to of a break-in, what is the risk to me personally, and to my network of friends? Below is one small snippet provided to me by my firewall log of attacks. There’s other info in the log entry. It feels like the epic digital battle has come to the doorstep.

A snip of a firewall log of attack failures.
Figure 1. Firewall log snippet of attacks that failed.