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The Solution

Distributed Social Network (DSN)

If these centralized social media moguls and software as service kingpins and queenpins don’t like what you are saying, then your ideas can be shut down giving you little to no recourse. Who holds the power in your data life? If your answer is the big social media conglomerates, then it is time to rethink depending on centralized social networks and software as service (SAS) sites to hold your data. It is therefore obvious that you must own your media and business intelligence content and keep your data safe on your own distributed social network (DSN).

Drawing depicts multiple DSNs sharing serving a transaction in a time and money economy.

In drawing DSN04 multiple actors who cooperate in contemplating and completing a transaction. The robot is connected to an actor, for example, similar to a Bank in a real estate transaction. When everything is signed and completed the bank releases the money which distributes to one or more of the actors. The actors receive appropriate document copies. The transaction is recorded in the blockchain.

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