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Example Assignment

Workflow Step Process

The assignment involves WordPress Editor skills sufficient to perform the following process.

  1. Select a “Source” post, page, product, or other Object type containing H2 headers.
  2. If the object has zero or one H2 headers, then the Source Object is Complete, otherwise
  3. Keep the opening H1 header section up to H2 section
  4. Keep the First H2 and its internal intact H3, H4 sections
  5. Split out the 2nd H2 section from its source object. Put is into a new object of the same or different object type.
  6. Go back to Step 1 as many times as needed to get all H2 objects to step 3.
  7. How would you improve this workflow Sprint description? Was there any innovative ideas you should claim under “work for hire”.

Task List for 40 Hour Contractor “Work for Hire” Sprint

002AABC4Implement naming standards and workflow step
Split out ?002-001
003AABC4003-001 Split out Header for press release 003-002, blog summary, and other 003-004 teasers, and split out posts 003-005, pages 003-006, and products 003-007
004AABC8004-001 Split H2 Sections in Product
005AABC8005-001 Split H2 Sections in Post
006AABC8006-001 Split H2 Section in Page
007AABC4007-001 Writeup Process Step and 007-002 Close Sprint
Example Task List for 40 hours work at $24 per hour plus 5% Club fee

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