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Less Than One Roll of Toilet Paper GDP Loss per Person per Day During Q1 2020 in the USA

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This Blog Post is intended to be an organized Teaching about how Human Civilization is changing and the good news about where our USA corner of Civilization is heading as We the People gather in a politically charged Post-COVID World.


It soon becomes necessary to think about the timeline of the activity under consideration. In computers it is the difference between DATE-CURRENT versus DATE-TIMELINE-EVENT.

Day 1

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

  1. What were you doing on that day that you are willing to share in a public blog post? You are starting the story of your life. Day 1 is easy to remember. It is January First in the Year Twenty-twenty.
  2. OBSERVATION: In the domain of optics processed by the human eye the story begins in the blink of an eye. Open your eyelid and light comes in. Close your eyelid and your vision goes from external to internal.
  3. What did you think, say, and do on January First? Use roles like “Mom”, “Dad”, Aunt, Uncle, Sister or Brother when writing your story. Use real first names when they are known and you have something nice to say.
  4. Don’t be mean spirited.
  5. Don’t use bullying, especially when talking to people on the internet
  6. Embellish the story. Think of one nice thing to say about every event participant you want to introduce into the legacy writings of your life, and theirs also, when you give them praise, their public identity or some secret identity if you want to tag them, or their behavior pattern everyone present in a meeting will recognize a “Mister Narcissist” reference who seeks the spotlight at every opportunity. Or “Miss Grumpy”, who apologizes for “needing” her coffee. Introducing hypothetical characters exhibiting some behavioral characteristic can be a nice way to lead into a 1 minute maximum humane lecture with a gentle message.
  7. Everybody learns how to deal with drama and laugh at comedy and appreciate wit and wisdom.
  8. Some people are engaged in life for the fun of it.
  9. Some people like to be the center of attention. Some people do not like to be the Center of Attention and most are in between.
  10. Share the center of attention liberally. Call upon quiet persons by asking them a question. “Alex. What do you think?” If anyone starts to talk over Alex, politely object to the disruption. Alex need a protected minute to speak.
  11. The center of attention is signified by the “Talking Feather” which Mom Helen introduced into our family circle. In those days of old it was a turkey feather. It was passed from hand to hand as a substitute for an eagle feather which Mom used in honor of Native Americans’ spiritual values.
  12. The talking feather is passed gracefully from person to person. Each person has one minute or as decided by the group of the mic time for each to have their their say. Then they “Talking Feather” is handed to the next speaker.
  13. In a modern context, the “Talking Feather” could be a handheld microphone or any available switchable sound point source location.

To the Best of My Ability

One should do things to the best of their ability, with the knowledge they posses. If they lack knowledge, then education is required. The result of their education might include a post at their blog, perhaps to be graded by a parent, guardian, mentor, teacher, coach, or someone else important in the student’s life, who is capable of providing proper guidance to an earnest learner. Education is important to human life. Education in its many dimensions of life comprises one of the great joys of life and sometimes one of life’s greatest sorrows.

It is interesting and fun to hang out with people who are driven to work to the best of their talents, skills, and abilities. Of some people this description it can be said, “I asked for a sip of water, and came away feeling like I had been drinking from a firehouse” It is a good behavior to thank people for the demonstrating the best of their abilities. Especially, praise your children for demonstrations of their abilities.

Unto Parents it is said, “to the best of your ability, teach your children, and often praise them for their many good works.” Express gratitude and love and be treated the same. Practice the “Golden Rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Lyno Carbonic with Golden Rule quote spoken by paternal grandmother upon first meeting.

We Must Keep Our Data Safe

Let us together metaphorically gaze upon the internet social media wasteland. It is filled with big social media sites with millions and billions of users. It always amazes my how they can fit all those users into such a cramped space like a single primary domain name.

I grew up in Montana in the 50’s and 60’s, before Californians started buying up Montana ranches. They started building mansions on lots of prominent overlook spots. Peter Fonda of “Easy Rider” fame owned a place down in Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, Montana. Have a listen to “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf.

Single URL Site Costs

It is not unusual for big social media sites to spend millions of dollars per month for the resources the receive from vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is so “old school” technology deployment.

Distributed Social Network (DSN)

Carbonic sells a twenty-four United States dollars ($24 USD) per month slice of AWS for you that provides what we who sell the system call a Distributed Social Network (DSN)(tm) which is trademarked. Visit this URL to see what Carbonic sells

Carbonic is a Resell of the CoCreateX INC product

Send an email to for more details.

Think about everything you currently use in the cloud. Now think about everything you use in terms of hardware and memory like USB and SD memory devices. The hardware and paraphernalia can amount to thousands of dollars per person. Most of that expense is foregone when a few memory sticks can be backed up to your personal website on the internet that you can own for as little as $24 per month for the Lyno Diamond Version 1.0 which will be a personalized AMI stable version awaiting buyer identity verification as a way of assuring identity and keeping out hucksters, flimflammers, con artists, and other miscreants.

Now Reorganize Your Thinking

In the blink of an eye your entire understanding of the data, content, and information, as represented by your physical devises and the Cloud that is accessible from a modern HTTPS browser.

Today you can replace your thinking in a heartbeat by considering these few ideas.

  1. TOP DOWN POWER. Existing big social media companies are run from the CEO on down. Everybody operates within a top-down command and control business model. If a Social Media CEO wants you gone from their computer system and, hence, the internet. Gone in an instant. Poof! Examples of big social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  2. BOTTOM UP POWER. There is a new kind of social network offering the social media consumer a “bottom-up” alternative to how power is deployed. The technology is called a “Distributed Social Network” (DSN). It affords a person several advantages.
    • You own your Cloud data
    • You can put your personal data in the Cloud
    • You can backup device memory to the Cloud
    • You can move your memory device data to the Cloud
    • You can synchronize your device data with your Cloud data
    • As a DSN owner you can keep a Blog on your Cloud Computer
    • You can open a Store
    • In your Store you can sell your Brand
    • You can find remote Support people to help you. Nobody has to come to your house
    • Nobody can kick you off your computer, assuming adherence to reasonable and prudent security measures or better; for example, you must use strong passwords
    • You have access to fascinating Google Analytics of your own personal website

Obtain Distributed Social Network (DSN) in the Cloud

See this URL for a good technical solution in the form of a distributed social network (DSN) costing $50 setup and a recurring $10 per month usage fee. FULL DISCLOSURE the author of this document is a consultant with CoCreateX INC who sells the DSN product.

What Should We Do

The clock stands at one 00:00:01 Wednesday January 1, 2020. You stand in the shoes of some political person of any gender, DNA heritage, race, color, age, ethnic heritage who you hold in high esteem. What decisions would you do differently.

Shared Information

  • there is the outbreak of a weird flu like disease emerging from the Source outbreak location. What do “We the People” do on Day 1 the next time around?
    • DHS (Homeland Security), FAA (Aviation Administration): close all flights into the U.S. directly or indirectly from the infected Source location
    • FEDERAL: Notify President’s Office of Source outbreak
    • FEDERAL Customs: review all passports that have arrived in the U.S. within last month from the source location of the disease. Id everyone by DNA as virus is gathered. How many mutations are there from one or more Source locations
    • FEDERAL DHS: any person U.S. whose flight originated at the outbreak location must be quarantined in a personal and humane space at their expense for two weeks
    • FEDERAL: DHS will notify the CDC
    • STATE: Notify the the Governor within 24 hours of the Federal airline closures
    • STATE: The Governor will notify the statewide media
    • FEDERAL: The President and Congress will individually notify their constituencies and keep their political factions notified

About Money These 2020 Days

Money is on everybody’s mind these days. What money buys is on everybody’s mind these days. As a way of putting money into perspective, consider these calculations.

GDP Loss 1st Qtr. 2020 Calculation

___ GDP end of 2019 total = $260 Billion

___ GDP end of 2019 growth rate = +2.1 %

___ GDP 1st Qtr. 2020 growth rate = -5.0%

___ GDP 1st Qtr. 2020 Lost Opportunity Cost = 2.1% + 5% = 7.1%

___ GDP 1st Qtr 2020 Loss = $260 Billion * 7.1% = $18.46 Billion

___ Days in Q1 = 91 days

___ $18.46 Billion / 91 days per Q1 ending Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Q1 Lost $203 Million of GDP Per Day

in GDP Q1 January through March, 2020

That’s a whopping loss of money taken out of the U.S. economy.
___ $203 million divided by

___ $328.2 million (2019) U..S. population

___ = $0.62 per person living in the USA plus about 36% of $062 equals the price of a roll of toilet paper.

___ Toilet Paper costs about $0.84 for an average roll which contains 150 sheets

___ equals about one (1) roll of toilet paper for every person in U.S.A.

___ be thankful

Less Than One Roll of Toilet Paper GDP Loss per Person per Day During Q1 2020 in the USA

Think about it! One (1) roll of toilet paper per person per day was the net effect of the loss.

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