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Think about the things in this post. Please pay particular attention that everything in this idea pertain first to actively learnings as assessed by the facts produced by classes by the student attaining competency micro-lesson topics. For example, were an outdoor adventurer learning the bow-line knot micro-lesson which is part of the basic needs’ “Essential Knots” lesson and certificate which is required for a passing grade in the “General Life Skills” course conducted within the Education Curriculum.

The “General Life Skills 101 – Personal Life Skills” covers simple life skills like

Personal Needs

  1. Knots and Pocket Knife Usage
  2. Personal Needs
    1. fingernail management
    2. hand washing
    3. water supply sources
    4. teeth brushing
    5. bathing and hand washing
    6. birth control (optional)
  3. Bathroom cleaning products and methods
  4. Laundry products and methods
  5. Clothing ironing, folding, storing, and packing for travel
  6. Cooking
    1. stove safety
    2. refrigeration rules
    3. boiling water
    4. counter top usage
    5. knife sharpening
    6. knife use
    7. learn basic recipes, cookbook usage
    8. baking bread with ethnic variations
    9. beverage making
    10. meat, vegetarian, vegan recipes
    11. trash management
    12. setting a table and serving food
    13. polite socializing at the dinner table
    14. World History and Local History
    15. Kitchen Cleaning
  7. Washing and putting away dishes and cooking utensils
  8. Banking, insurance, loans, budgeting, privacy
  9. Education awareness and contact networks
    1. Addiction counseling
    2. Drugs and neurochemistry
    3. Television and Reality
    4. Social Media Risks and Rewards
  10. Psychology and Transcendent Behavior

Politics (“General Life Skills 102 – Governance“)

  1. Government Operations
    1. Constitution
      1. Article I
      2. Article II
      3. Article III
      4. Article IV
      5. Article V
      6. Article VI
      7. Article VII
    2. Bill of Rights Theory and History
    3. Amendment I to XXVII (27th)
    4. Postulated Near Term Amendments and Acts
      1. Human Responsibilities of Citizenship
      2. Incorporations, Associations, et al
        1. International Trade Protections Act
        2. Equal Treatment Under the Law Amendment
        3. Company Paid Medical Care for every Salaried, Employee, and Contractor Hour Source Act
        4. Natural Resource Utilization Constraints Act
    5. Branches of Government
    6. Political Factions
    7. Lobbying

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